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[10 Dec 2010|05:10am]
I decided to make a check list of DVD's and DVD box sets Redd would give up a first born* to own. This list will be updated often and is by far no where near complete. Please check back if you wish to use it to send gifts to her. *wink wink*

Last Updated: 1/14/2008

• 300
• Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
• Labyrinth
• Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
• Stardust
• The Simpsons
• Eragon
• Saw III
• Blood and Chocolate
• Pan's Labyrinth
• The Darjeeling Limited
• Hot Fuzz
• Tarentino's "Grindhouse"
• Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs
• Stranger than Fiction
• Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie
• Masters of the Universe
• Stargate: Ark of Truth
• Stargate: Continuum
• Wanted
• Repo! The Genetic Opera

• Heroes s. 1
• The Dresden Files
• Rome s. 2
• Eureka s. 1
• Family Guy vol. 5
• Harvey Birdman s. 3
• 24 s. 6
• Veronica Mars s. 2 &
• Charmed s. 7
• Two and a Half Men s. 1, 2, 3, & 4
• Supernatural s. 1, 2, & 3
• House s. 3
• M*A*S*H s. (all)
• Doctor Who s. 2, 3, & 4
• Torchwood s. 1 & 2
• Stargate SG1 s. 10
• Hex s. 1
• Six Feet Under s. (all)
• Star Trek OST s. 3
• Star Trek: Voyager s. 4, 5, & 6
• The Simpsons s. 11
• Stargate Atlantis s. 4

Note: Since Redd is currently childless and definitely isn't in the market for one of those snot-nosed things anytime soon ever, the first born will NOT be hers. She will, however, give you a certificate of authenticity that the child you do receive is authentically 100 percent Grade A Human.

**I decided to make this a sticky note on my journal for easy reference. Feel free to post comments for suggestions of good movies you think I should add.
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[21 Jul 2009|09:46am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

So, okay, my brain is on crack. Or at least my dreams. I'm not writing this for anyone but myself just so I can remember but at least some of you guys would get a kick out of my brain trying to come up with Jack going over to Doctor Who:

How Jack is involved with Doctor Who's finale. Complete crack, no spoilers unless I happened to dream them up. )

There would've been more but my dog woke me up by needing to go outside *laughs*. Anyways. There's my brain on crossover crack. No idea where this came from unless I was trying to fix CoE to my liking. Not that there really would be a chance but, yanno, the brain's gotta try.

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Grr. Argh. [13 Jul 2009|08:02pm]
[ mood | angry ]

Torchwood CoE bitching, you've been warned. )

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Debut album: Løken [02 Nov 2008|05:43pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Ganked from [info]bleeding_coffee (because she TOTALLY stole MY rightful band name on her meme!)

Now for a Meme: Your Debut Album

1 - Go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Random
The first random Wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.

2 - Go to Random quotations: http://www.quotationspage.com/random.php3
The last four words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.

3 - Go to flickr's "explore the last seven days" http://www.flickr.com/explore/interesting/7days/
Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

And this is what you get. Introducing: Løken! )

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[25 Oct 2008|07:51pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

Status of Apartment #1002 as of Saturday, 10/25/08. 19:51

- ALL T-Shirts (work, casual, tanktops) moved into the living room closet.
- Dusted computer area, bookshelves, and DVD towers.
- Converted shelving unit in bedroom into a FULL DVD rack
- NO DVD PILES IN LIVING ROOM!!! (Trust me, this is a MAJOR accomplishment on my end)

1 Frog skin (plushie, so no one worries)
3 missing data disks
17 CD cases
1 pair of shoes
30+ unused hangers
1 Tennis Ball

2 bags of paper trash
4 boxes of various sizes
1 printer

Overall Status: The Apartment is looking trashed but it's a work in process. I'm taking a break for the rest of the night because just getting my DVD's up off the floor and into some storage and decorating the space above my computer with my pretty shell lamp and various other things has me feeling all sorts of awesome.

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[22 Oct 2008|01:46pm]
[ mood | bored ]

So. The one game I'm currently in isn't very active. As in, they post the new "days" (and we're only on the second day) but after I hadn't seen one in a while I poked a mod about it and she said they post a new turn of day every two weeks.

...WTF. So, yeah, bored there. Might be leaving but eh. Might as well stay in until something else either comes along or I just decided to not bother with it anymore. The problem is there are no games out there that interest me. And that lack of interest and this lack of anything to really write on is boring me to the point where I sleep an unhealthy amount. Granted, last night was due to a migraine, but still. This has been going on for over two weeks now where I'm bored as hell and Redd's solution? Reading. And sleeping. *chuckles* And taking the dog out to the park a lot because then at least she's not bored along with me here ;)

I've been rethinking my stance on moding a game. Maybe if I actually spent this time of nothingness making up creative storylines for it it wouldn't be so bad later on? Of course, when it failed, I'd be sad. I've no optimism when it comes to making a game and keeping it going, you can tell. But I wouldn't mind seeing the idea in action. *chuckles* I even created a journal for Adam should it actually take off. What can I say, it was something to do XD

Joy and I talked about our faerytale game and the problems we were having with it along with some ideas to getting it going again. I hope that works out. I don't want to lose those characters. And a random segue into talking about lap dances on Monday got Jason up and talking in my head again which is just DANGEROUS in the hands of someone with idle time... *chuckles* Mebbe I'll write something with him in it just for the hell of it.

Also, on another random note, I'll be having a roommate at the end of the month. He got kicked out of his own apartment and he needs a place to stay until he can find one of his own. So this weekend after work will be spent cleaning and clearing out some of my crap to make room for a roomie. I hope to god there's some room somewhere *chuckles*

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[14 Oct 2008|06:14am]
[ mood | creative ]

So, for some reason, I've been rewatching season 2 of Torchwood. Probably because I got Chris* through season 1 and it's rekindled my love for it. Anyways. I've been feeling incredibly frustrated due to lack of creativity over the last month and a half now and what happens while watching "Adam"? I get the inspiration for a bloody game based on that episode alone. Definitely would have to be AU and some things would have to be tweaked, but I think it would be interesting to see how things might've been had Adam actually been a real member of Torchwood. There's several ways I can see it being played out and I find myself drawn to the idea.

Will it happen? Most likely not. I'm a crap mod and I doubt anyone else would be interested. But at least it shows signs that my muse isn't entirely dead, yeah? :) That's got to count for something. I know it does to me.

On another note, my sleeping's entirely screwed up again. I feel like I'm back in freakin' High School all over again.

*ETA: Oh. My. God. The first time I wrote "Chris" it came out "Christ" *cracks the hell up* God, he'd never let me hear the end of it if he'd read that.

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[12 Oct 2008|10:24pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

I stayed up all of Saturday after getting off work because Chris came over and we finished up season 1 of Torchwood. It was fun, he finally started really liking it by the end (though I think it was the episode of Captain Jack Harkness that really got him into it--he's all about the boy love XD) and he even stayed to watch the episode of Doctor Who season 3 that picks up where Torchwood left off (with Jack running to meet the Doctor and clinging to the outside of the TARDIS as they raced to the end of the Universe) and he said he liked Doctor Who. So yay. Now I'm trying to figure out how to burn DVD's because I've got all episodes of Torchwood Season 2 on my harddrive and I don't think he relishes the thought of having to sit in my broken uncomfy chairs at the computer to watch the rest of the series.

Anyway, long story short, me and the puppyhead have been sleeping most of Sunday away and now I'm entertaining myself as best I can. Today's agenda? Reading. A printed book, even. I've been writing some but there's not much purpose currently. I did join a new game online but I'm still not very inspired to post. Ah well, we'll see *shrugs*

Also, my dog has pink eye. Euw. The funny thing about it, though, is that I keep thinking back to that episode of South Park years ago and the zombies and how they all kept saying it was just pink eye. *snickers* Zombie puppy... Still, though, cleaning the gunk out of her eye bibble is totally disgusting. Ick.

Well, I've had enough of a break from my book. Looks like I'll be getting back to it now. Oh, and speaking of, thanks to someone on the Ianto community on LJ, I managed to find a site that sells UK books with worldwide FREE shipping :) I couldn't help it and tested it out by ordering "Almost Perfect" from their site since it'll still be over a month from being able to order it here in the States. The prospect of a Torchwood novel based around Ianto in a woman's body? Freakin' hilarious to me. Normally I don't read the gender switch stuff but I love the idea of a book based around Ianto in any form. Hee.

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[09 Oct 2008|11:58am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Good: Got a brand new phone including new service provider for better coverage. [Just in case you're wondering, no, the phone number didn't change so if you've got the number you're still able to call me :)]

Not-so-good: It wasn't the phone I wanted. *sad*

Good: It's still pritty and can be upgraded in a year.

Not-so-good: When it's all said and done, it was a good chunk of change out of the old bank account.

Good: It's able to store MP3's, downloaded and ported over via cable hookup. Also, it's got a 2 gig chip which is sweet.

Not-so-good: No cable to hook into it yet and the iPod I'm using's charge is craptastic for those long working hours of nothingness.

Good: I've already played with it some and named it "Moony's cell" despite the Doctor Who theme currently set as the ringtone. It will alternate between that and the Torchwood theme I downloaded XD

Not-so-good: It's noon and I'm wide awake. Still bored. And no one to call. *sad*

Good: ...I tried to end on a good note, at least? I've been overdosing on Placebo music and I really, really want to redesign this journal. You know, the one I never write in anymore? *snorts* That needs to change, too.

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[03 Oct 2008|11:08am]
[ mood | frustrated ]

Yay, insomnia. *sighs* I fucking love it when I come off a 12 hour shift, can't sleep, and will have only another 12 hour shift to look forward to after it. Not that there's a lot going on in my life this week. Hell, might as well be grateful for having a job. But I don't have to be grateful for fucking insomnia.

Damn sandman.

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[02 Sep 2008|08:41pm]
[ mood | bored ]

She brought the Night hidden in her sad Wolf eyes
The perfume of a twilight, her strongest scent
Half Wolf, Half female - what a strange wedding
Mother Nature has offered us to see...
Her mask lays lost in a fatal dawn
Closed were the eyes of the Sun. He sleeps.
And in the name of Her Father.
She will kill. My child kills.
You nightly birth. A requiem God can't forget.
For your life is just a celebration of his death
Without his thorns in her heart. She wears a shadow as face.
A werewolf masquerade. In her eyes the wolfshade.
She brought the Night and by the night was brought
We are but children of the powers she had set free
Strange are the ways of the wolfhearted...

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[24 Aug 2008|06:51am]
[ mood | grumpy ]

I'm so exhausted that I honestly just want to spend the coming week in a blissful coma in bed. Will it happen? No. But that's okay, I'm going to be in Atlanta. Possibly. It all depends given my directional sense, really.

Found out today that my nephews will be baptized when I'm out of state. Way to go on telling everyone, big brother. My family communication sucks and it really pisses me off. I'm not a fucking psychic, you know. And FYI, Bob, no a week is not an announcement in advance. People have lives and travel plans, yanno.

I'm also pissed off Rosalind's freaking shift can't ever get to work on time. You're supposed to be there and logged in and receiving by six, not just strolling through the door. I sent Candace an email. Nothing will change, I'm sure, because she doesn't like to rock the boat. You know what? I'm wanting to tip the freakin' boat over at this point. I need a new job.

I also need a creative outlet and soon. I'm bored and a bored Redd isn't a very sane Redd.

...Case in point, she starts writing in third person.

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[18 Jul 2008|06:27am]
[ mood | intimidated ]

I'm going to see The Dark Knight Sunday with my friends for Alicia's birthday.


I still don't know if I can watch it. It's not that Heath's gone now, it's that it was this role that made it happen. How he got so deeply involved that he couldn't sleep anymore. I know people just speculate and stuff since only he knows what really was going on but still. It's more than likely the case, you know? Method acting's brutal for people but it's what makes it so fucking real... It makes me a little wibbly inside.

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[09 Jul 2008|05:53pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

All right, so I live. It's hard for me to even think of writing in this thing since they took away my internet at work. Well, not mine, but internet as a whole. But whatever.

I woke up this morning (after just about 4 hours sleep, mind you) to my doglet wanting to go outside for her morning walk. She didn't do anything but sniff every blade of grass and made me want to fall asleep while holding the leash. So I go back inside with her after a few minutes to find my water heater exploding with water. I wasn't using it, no water was on for it to build up pressure, it was just hissing like a snake and spewing hot water. It was getting everywhere and pooling and...and I called the office. I put the doglet in her cage (she goes nuts when there's people around), they got maintenance guys out there to shut off the water, and they spent ultimately six hours coming in and out fixing pipes and installing a new water heater.

In the process of them fixing that, I try to put Truffle on her leash so she can go outside and do something when she gets loose of me and bolts right out the door they'd left open (they had a hose draining the water so it wasn't really an option to shut it but...yeah). I'm running around screaming for my dog to come but, unlike most intelligent creatures on the face of the planet, my dog has a mentality of a retarded fruit fly thinking me screaming and crying "TRUFFLE COME!!" was just a fun game and we were playing chase.

Needless to say, I called work slightly hysteric because, really, after this day started out so badly (and at that point was continuing on badly) I was in no state to spend 12 hours in front of a computer on the phone talking to stupid people. Jack told me it was okay (well, actually, he told me to calm down, to breathe, and many other things because it's kinda hard to talk to someone whose hysterically crying on the phone) and not to worry about it tonight and wished me luck finding my dog.

The dog was found, the water heater was replaced (not fixed--replaced, as in brand spanking new, baby!), and it's now the time I should be going into work. Instead, I'm going to take a nap. I'm freakin' exhausted and worn out.

Although, on the plus side, Joy sent me her days off because of the carpooling thing they're trying out at work (working just 4 days outta the week instead of 5 with just slightly longer hours) and she'll have some days off I can work with to possibly do a mini vacation with her. Maybe two. I really hope either one pans out, we both need some time away from the childrens (three now between the two of us) and apartments made of fail.

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[23 Jun 2008|02:28am]
[ mood | sad ]

Damn. Another great man down.

George Carlin, RIP.

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[14 Jun 2008|06:37am]
[ mood | cynical ]

So I did some thinking tonight after I called Joy on my break. By the way, dating a psychologist? Lovely thing, that. Anyway. I was incredibly stressed out (to the point of having a small fit in the ladie's restroom before returning to work and going on my lunch break an hour early) and we got to talking about the current situation at my work. Frankly, it sucks. Let me give a small run down for those actually interested in the quibbling details:

Wednesday - Normal Night.
Thursday - Shift Supervisor said that main boss Rich wrote an email out to all supervisors suspending internet use. Was up in the air as to whether he was going to cancel it entirely. She said she wrote him an email asking if it would be okay for us to use on our personal time. (This would be about the time I got sour-faced and all pissed off because, HELLO? Personal time = NOT COMPANY TIME). Now, I want it to go on record she said we'd be able to use it SPARRINGLY and even said if it was checking internet mail maybe once a night that was okay. "And maybe a little more on Saturdays since we're generally slower those nights." She said that, yes.
Friday - Asked Shift Supervisor what Rich had said about personal time use and she said "No internet, period. He's cancelling it on Monday." So...apparently it's changed in 12 hours to ABSOLUTELY NO, BAD MONKEY! Pfft. Whatever. Cue a Redd panic attack because of stress.

Now, I know it seems like a small thing but what you don't understand is that I write--personal journals, character journals, prose, etc--for destressing and enjoyment. It's just my thing. I also like to talk to my girlfriend who has a completely opposite schedule than me and we collaborate on writing/RP's during my breaks and we ALWAYS HAVE. When our call center was in Rivergate, I went home on my lunch breaks because I was 5 mins away. Now we're 20 mins away and I can't go home anymore and get back on time and still have some meaningful useage of the internet/AIM for my needs. So what this means if the internet's going to be cancelled at work is that I won't be able to talk to her but 2-3 days out of the week on my days off and that's just not cricket.

So I've decided to first check with Joe on Sunday night to see if it really was something Rich sent down to ALL supervisors and, if he doesn't have a clue what I'm talking about, I'll know Candace is just using Rich's name in saying we can't be on the internet. If that's the case, I'm sure whatever stick she's got up her ass about "no internet" will pass and she'll magically have an email "from Rich" saying that we can go back online. If he does confirm that Rich sent it out, then that place has gotten entirely too militant in their ways and it's just pushing the final nail in the coffin for me leaving. I've been there for three years and I've been told I'm damn good at my job. I've even been considered for being a Shift Sup. myself but I would never take that up, no thanks. I like my job for the most part but if it comes down to me working just three or four nights a week with just as much time off or being able to talk/spend time with my girlfriend then there's no competition. Joy wins hands down. I just don't relish the thought of having to actually find something else because Gawd I hate starting at a new place and not knowing anything. But if it gets me more on course with her schedule and we can actually write for some fun, then I'd do it in a heartbeat.

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[13 Jun 2008|05:06pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

So our internet's been taken away at work for the week. I don't know why or if it's permanent, all I know is I'm really fucking pissed about it. I spent 12 boring hours just sitting there doing nothing but work whenever a signal fell down. Seriously--I'm not a child, I can multitask, and I'm EASILY bored if I don't have something to focus on.

Also? This makes me giggle. Yeah, we had to deal with about double the amount of signal load than normal last night because of it but I'm glad someone forced the issue. Fuck you, CVS.

*sighs* Whatever. The only good news was I didn't wake up sweltering for once. My AC's finally been repaired. Yay.

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[06 Jun 2008|07:52pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

H'okai. Been a while since I last updated but, really, there's nothing been much going on. Except for today. Today was a li'l eventful if only because of this little guy:

Cute Kitty-face o' DOOM! )

Isn't he cute?! He's for Joy and he'll be going to his new home tomorrow morning. I'll have the dogface in the same car as the kittyface. That should be fuuuun.

Also? I'm a dumbass. Why? Because I lost my debit card. How did I accomplish this feat? By setting it on my tray of food when I went to get some lunch. Now, I know you're thinking: "Redd? That's not so dumb. It happens." Well, let me tell you this--I've done it before. Not to my card but a huge set of keychains that contained my car keys. In High School Alicia and I went to the mall one day and I was stupid enough to throw away my friggen keys! Didn't even notice'em until we went to go home and suddenly we're like "Um..."

So...yeah. Dumbass me threw away my check card. *facepalm* Thankfully I've got cash until I can get a temp. replacement in McEwen on Monday. Good thing is, I know where it's at because I've had to do this before! *chuckles* All in all, I'm good. It was just a momentary freak-out at work. And my shift supervisor bought me a $5 foot long from Subway since I've no money on me other than enough for a coke.

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[10 May 2008|04:46am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Next time I decide to go on break at a certain time and get an alarm, I'm going to do what everyone else does and dispatch the police, go on break, and let the work transfer to someone else. I'm tired of being the only one who likes to finish their crap to an actual stopping point before putting it on hold.

FUCKING GOD I'VE JUST GOT ANOTHER ONE! Jesus Christ, people. Seriously.

Also? I'm not picking up any overtime for the next few months at all. When Joe was gone on his shift, they had all five of us covering at least one night a piece. Rich said we had to, end of story. I asked Candace if we had any coverage while she was gone (same situation as the other shift) and like HELL there's any one coming over to help us. So fuck that--I don't care anymore.

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[08 May 2008|04:18am]
[ mood | moody ]

Ash!muse doesn't get used much anymore because there's just nothing really going on with him. He's happy (for the most part), he's spending most of his time at Liam's so there's little need to do a journal chat, and the only other characters he really interacts with are both reclusives. Ari gets frightened off easily by his own shadow and Julian... Well. Julian woke up Ash!muse tonight.

And now he won't get out of my damn head.

I need to figure something out for him to do because, really, I love my Ash and I don't use him much anymore. This is a sad thing. Joy doesn't use Liam much, either, which is also a sad thing. Ash needs to make more contacts, he needs more friends/enemies, and he needs to do stuff with Liam (or with Jules) that'll be worthy of writing.

I've tossed about some ideas within the last few hours (and, no, Alicia, Ash isn't jumping off a bridge any time soon :P) but I don't know if any of them make much sense to me so I dunno. I'll talk to Joy. But still. MOAR ASH YES PLEAZE!

Quote of the Day:

"Professor! Lava! Hot!!"
x Professor Farnsworth; Futurama

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